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This amazing project began back in the 90s through the strong belief that compounds developed for various purposes by chemists and researchers around the world were worthwhile collecting, preserving and sharing. Guided by this vision, Dr. Shu-Kun Lin lay the ground for sustainability of chemical compounds and set up the MDPI Samples Collection.


In order to increase visibility and interaction, a new structure has been set up consisting of two separate entities with clearly dedicated aims and purposes:


 -  MDPI Sustainability Foundation

The original mission of the MDPI Sustainability Foundation is to permanently collect and preserve all molecular and biomolecular samples specimens thereby enhancing the Samples Collection with further promising compounds.


-  MolMall Sarl – operational partner of the MDPI Sustainability Foundation

The MDPI Sustainability Foundation has transferred its operational activities to MolMall Sarl (Ltd.), now fully in charge of customer relations, maintenance and development of the compounds database, marketing and handling of the compounds while fully preserving the aims and interests of the Foundation and its Samples Collection. One of the main aims is to promote the Samples Collection worldwide through different activities, thus increasing the number of compounds while contributing to the samples exchange. A significant part of the operational revenue is reinvested in the MDPI Sustainability Foundation.


MolMall is committed to satisfying its customers in responding actively to their needs by providing a proactive and reliable service. Gradually, further business areas will be added to meet the needs of the customers while continuing to leverage on synergies with one main aim of enhancing the Samples Collection.


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